Warm up this fall in a new Swim Team Parka

Swim Stuff Swim ParkaIt’s starting to get cool outside this fall and your little swimmers will be cold going to and from swim practice and swim meets unless they wear a warm swim parka. Possibly the second greatest invention since sliced bread? Well maybe not that great but they are great for keeping you warm. So much better than just a t-shirt and swim warm-up. Swim parkas are 3/4 length nylon (water resistant) coats with an arctic polar fleece lining. Combine that with the draw string lined hood and fully lined pockets get you the best wind stopper and super warm layer of clothing that should be a must for any swimmer, young or old. The Swim Stuff Swim Parkas are the best swim team parkas that we have ever seen. Not only are the priced right but Swim Stuff did not compromised on the materials. In fact the arctic fleece lining is thicker than the all new Speedo Swim Parka. So we are sure that your swim team and little ones will stay warm this fall in the super warm Swim Stuff Swim Parkas.


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