Arena Piston Swim Parka

Arena Swim Parka

The all new Arena Piston Swim Parka will keep you super  warm before and after swim practice this fall and winter. Arena has added a few extra features to their swim parka that we think you might light a lot. The snap zipper cover will increase the warmth, while the breathable flap on the back will allow the moist hot air to escape. Thus keeping you at the optimal temperature. The back flap is also great for adding your swim team logo, making this custom swim parka unique for your swimmers. Draw string hood includes pull tabs to keep the hood close to your head, which is great when it is really windy or snowing outside. Zippered pockets will keep your valuables from getting lost or dropped. The Arena Piston Parka is available in black or navy. Order yours today from D&J Sports Swim Shop.


Warm up this fall in a new Swim Team Parka

Swim Stuff Swim ParkaIt’s starting to get cool outside this fall and your little swimmers will be cold going to and from swim practice and swim meets unless they wear a warm swim parka. Possibly the second greatest invention since sliced bread? Well maybe not that great but they are great for keeping you warm. So much better than just a t-shirt and swim warm-up. Swim parkas are 3/4 length nylon (water resistant) coats with an arctic polar fleece lining. Combine that with the draw string lined hood and fully lined pockets get you the best wind stopper and super warm layer of clothing that should be a must for any swimmer, young or old. The Swim Stuff Swim Parkas are the best swim team parkas that we have ever seen. Not only are the priced right but Swim Stuff did not compromised on the materials. In fact the arctic fleece lining is thicker than the all new Speedo Swim Parka. So we are sure that your swim team and little ones will stay warm this fall in the super warm Swim Stuff Swim Parkas.

High School Swim Parkas

The high school swimming season is just about to start for many parts of the country and the teams are gearing up for the season. Many high school’s will be looking for swim parkas in their school colors with their team logos. D&J Sports Swim Shop is houses the largest inventory of swim parkas in the country and they will have your high school swim team colors too. They carry swim parkas from Speedo, Nike, TYR and Swim Stuff.

Your swim team or school logo can easily be added to the front chest of back of the swim parkas. The in-house embroidery shop at D&J Sports is one of the best in the country. They have a complete design department to help you with your artwork as well as a full-time staff for embroidery. Your swim team logo will look it’s best when embroidered by a professional embroidery service and D&J Sports uses only the best embroidery machines on the market. The Barudan embroidery machines can embroider up to 15 different colors in your design all with the precision and quality that is unmatched in the swim industry.

Don’t forget about the tackle twill lettering option for the back of your swim team parkas. Tackle twill are the large fabric letters that are hand sewn onto the swim parkas for a true pro look. D&J Sports uses the same material that you will see on NFL jerseys. So you know you will be looking sharp on the pool deck in your new swim parka.

Never Too Hot for a Swim Parka

My sister in-law posted on Facebook yesterday that it was too hot for Spring and I commented back that it is not too hot since you live in Texas. Memorial Day is coming up and that means that summer has arrived. Which also means that it is time to break out the two pieces, mirrored goggles, sunscreen and swim parkas. Yes, I said swim parkas! Ok, so it is not cold enough in Texas for a swim parka but there are many parts of the country that can still use a swim parka during the spring and summer. D&J Sports Swim Shop has been shipping out a few each week to various parts of the country that are still cold. Their Swim Stuff Swim Parkas will keep you cozy warm before and after a chilly morning swim.

Warm Swim Parkas

Warm Swim ParkaThe latest arctic blast is hitting the country as far south as Miami and you are sure to be cold on your way to and from swimming unless you have a warm swim parka. Swim parkas are extra long coats made with arctic fleece lining to keep swimmers warm. They are available in several styles and many different swim team colors. See all of the swimming parka styles.

Warm Swim Parkas for Christmas

Stay warm this Christmas with a new swim parka. They will keep you warm when it is cold out. The arctic fleece lining in the swim parka is specially designed to dry quickly and hold the heat inside of the jacket. Plus with the lined swim parka pockets and the lined hood you will surely stay warm this Christmas. Get your swimming parka from D&J Sports Swim Shop.

Embroidery for Swim Parkas

Custom embroidery is a great option for swim team parkas. You can add your swim team name or even a swim team logo to the front or back of your swim parka. Embroidery is one of the best options for personalizing your swimming parka. The embroidery will not crack or fall off of the swim parkas like the screen printing or heat press transfers do. It does cost a little more than screen printing but embroidered logos on swim parkas are worth every penny. You will have a professional look that will last as long as your swim team parka.