Arena Piston Swim Parka

Arena Swim Parka

The all new Arena Piston Swim Parka will keep you super  warm before and after swim practice this fall and winter. Arena has added a few extra features to their swim parka that we think you might light a lot. The snap zipper cover will increase the warmth, while the breathable flap on the back will allow the moist hot air to escape. Thus keeping you at the optimal temperature. The back flap is also great for adding your swim team logo, making this custom swim parka unique for your swimmers. Draw string hood includes pull tabs to keep the hood close to your head, which is great when it is really windy or snowing outside. Zippered pockets will keep your valuables from getting lost or dropped. The Arena Piston Parka is available in black or navy. Order yours today from D&J Sports Swim Shop.


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